GMail integration


  1. Verified Google Account
  2. Access to MeherY Client-Hub.


To link Google account with MeherY:

  1. Open Google Account, complete 2 – step verification & generate App Password (for mail) and note down it for future purpose.
  2. Go to admin panel, Channels -> add channel -> Email
    • Desc – Name of Channel as per your requirement
    • Channel Code – Enter any code as per your requirement
    • Default Queue – Select queue where you want inbound conversation to be handle
    • POP3 Host –
    • POP3 Port – 995
    • Pop3 user – enter your email id which you want to integrate
    • POP3 Password – enter your app password which you have created
    • Please Enable (ON) – POP3 TLS, SMTP Auth, SMTP TLS
    • SMTP Host –
    • SMTP Port – 587
    • SMTP User - enter your same email id
    • SMTP Password - enter your app password which you have created


      Customers can connect for their queries with user by using integrated email channel. Users can send their queries, multiple attachments, images, voice note, revert on mails to the agent. Also agent can revert with their solutions to the customers by attaching files, images.