API Integration

Before you can integrate or access any of our APIs, you must first register a domain with us and create an App. These documents explain how to create, configure app and how to integrate your application with our multichannel API’s. ( For complete guide visit Full Documentation )


Your domain is unique name you get when you register with us. Your team will use it to login. If your registered domain is abcorp then your domain url will be


You will receive your Domain URL when you register your business with MeherY. Visit to register

Base Path

To interect with our API’s you will require Base Path for each resource. Sample base would look like :


If you want to send a message using the /api/v1/message/send endpoint, you must append the endpoint to your base URL then make the POST request. Below is an example of a full POST request to the resource


Client App

To recieve or send messags you will be required to create a Client App. Each client app has spepcific QUEUE associated with it. When a message is pushed to specific queue, associated app can forward the message to webhook url configured for it. And using same app’s credentials you reply to message or push new message to the queue.

Channel → Queue → ClientApp → Webhook


Currently, there is only 1 method of authorization available.


Once you can create a Client App you will receive API Key.

Every request to the Client App needs to be authorized using an API Key authentication. Adding x-api-key in the header with your unique API Key as a value will grant access. Example for POST request with curl:

curl \
    -H "x-api-key: " \
    -X POST \
    https://<base-url>/xms/api/v1/message/send \
    -H "Accept: application/json"

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